5 Star Pad Liner

5 Star Pad Liner

Protect your pad investment with this “disposable” 100% wool F-15 pad liner.   At 5 Star we recommend only one pad, but understand the need for investment protection and cleanliness for high use pads.  Because the liners are made from wool they bond with the top felt pad and do not slip.

Successful field testing has given these liners rave reviews!  Made from 1/4″ felt, it is designed to be the “dirt catcher”, so your pad will stay clean and pristine!  The liner can be hosed down to clean, or hand washed.  When it is “used up”, turn it into a cat/dog blanket or boot mat and get a new one for under your 5 Star Saddle Pad or contoured Saddle Blanket.

This is what it looks like when you put it on the first time.

The liner is cut square but will quickly conform to the contour of the animals back.

After it has been used, it will fit like a glove as this one does.

It can be trimmed with scissors to fit under a custom pad.

Standard size is 30″ x 30″

Full skirt size is 32″ x 32″