HOOFLEX® Liquid Conditioner

HOOFLEX® Liquid Conditioner

Hooflex® Liquid Conditioner is an easy-to-apply liquid form of Hooflex® Original Ointment. Made with the same unique formula of nine active ingredients, it uses a breathable barrier to help maintain the proper moisture balance necessary to keep hooves pliable. The brush-in-cap applicator makes using it fast, convenient and hands-free. Creates a breathable barrier to maintain proper moisture balance in hoof,increases hoof strength and flexibility to prevent cracks, leaves a healthy shine and works as an excellent show dressing,brush-in-cap keeps hands clean. Product is available in a 15 ounce liquid with brush.

When cracks occur on the hoof wall and heel, it is generally due to excessive dryness. Apply product to maintain pliability used regularly, Hooflex will provide the moisture balance your horses hooves need to stay healthy. Hard Sole and Frog- The frog is the shock absorber which, when pliable helps relieve the stress of heavy impact on the leg bones, tendons and foot. Apply Hooflex directly to frog and sole to help maintain pliability. Coronet- Nature intended the coronary band, seat of hoof growth, to be relatively soft and flexible. help maintain this condition by brushing on Hooflex Liquid Condition around the coronet frequently. 


Make sure hooves are clean and dry before applying. Brush Absorbine Hooflex Liquid Condition on hooves at least twice a week. Some horse people prefer to massage the coronet after application to stimulate growth.


Petrolatum, neatsfoot oil, lanolin, turpentine, pine tar, rosin and chloroxylenol, 1.5%

For animal use only. Do not contaminate feed. Avoid contact around eyes or mucous membranes. For use on horses and ponies only. Harmful if swallowed. This product is combustible, keep away from children and open flame. Do not apply to irritated skin. If excess irritation develops discontinue treatment.