Rambo® StirrUP

Rambo® StirrUP

Rambo® StirrUP for people with tall horses, learning to ride, or those who have issues mounting while out hunting or trekking.


  • Lightweight high quality die cast alloy construction frame, with a shock absorbing nylon plastic footrest.


  • The Rambo® StirrUP incorporates unique and never before seen equine engineering in the stirrup industry weighing in at less than the traditional stirrup for a lightweight (560g) but effective option for the rider.
  • The Rambo® StirrUP has gone through rigorous laboratory and in field testing to ensure maximum strength and safety in the end product.
  • Additional ergonomic design 18 degree offset keeps the stirrup sitting optimally to allow the rider to place the foot inside.
  • Safety locking feature ensures non-deployment during use.
  • Shock absorbent soft polymer grip for maximum stability & grip.
  • An additional 6” leverage in mounting your horse/ pony whilst out in the field removing the need for finding a suitable mounting block.
  • Easy and simple to use.
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