Rambo Flybuster Vamoose NFZ with No Fly Zone

Rambo Flybuster Vamoose NFZ with No Fly Zone

Oatmeal Black&White Binding ( 60_5'0" / 63_5'3" / 66_5'6" / 69_5'9" / 72_6'0" / 75_6'3" / 78_6'6" / 81_6'9" / 84_7'0" / 87_7'3" )

Rambo® Fly Buster Vamoose with No-Fly Zone™

The Rambo Fly Buster is a great option for the horse owner looking to provide the ultimate fly armor for their horse in the summer. This fly sheet is treated with No-Fly Zone™ Technology to help repel flies in addition to your fly spray.  It's made from the same material as the popular Rambo Protector.  This unique fabric prevents nicks, rips or tears, yet is soft & absorbent against the horse's body. Imported. 

Favorite Features

Permethrin treated for superior fly protection (lasts for 35 washings)

Soft but strong Polyester/Polypropylene mesh outer

Ultra breathable

Shoulder liner

Patented leg arches & 3rd surcingle

Patented 'V' front closure

Supersized tail flap

95% UV protection

Removable neck cover with mane liner included


$225.00 $209.00